Group theory

Course Material Autumn 2009

Administrative information Course descriptions and course information Exam papers before 2008 were set on a completely different syllabus, so are not a good guide as to what to expect. Nevertheless, a few of the questions may be of some use for practice.


These notes are summaries only, and are not a substitute for taking your own notes in lectures. Extended notes based on notes taken during last year's lectures.

More detailed notes (2nd draft, 17/12/09) based on this year's lectures.


The exercises below are intended to help you to learn the material in this course. If you want to hand in your solutions, I will mark them to provide you with feedback. Solutions to coursework questions are provided here, so that you can use them at your own pace and in your own preferred way. You are strongly advised NOT to use the solutions until you have made a serious attempt at the questions on your own.

Other course material

The recommended course text is J.L. Alperin and R.W. Bell, Groups and Representations. Springer (1995). Chapters 1 to 4 cover most (but not all) of what is in the course, plus a little extra, including the required background from Algebraic Structures II.

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