MTH4103: Geometry I (2013–14)

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Basic Information

Lectures and Classes (Lent Term, Winter/Spring 2014)


27-i-2014: Bug fixed in links for exercise sheets and solutions.



Things to Take Note of

Notes and Supplementary Data

Some notes may eventually appear here, but do not count on it. You take notes in lectures, basically writing down what I write on the board. The theorem numbers and examples are likely to be different from what I do in class. I have also included some notes here not included in lectures, and vice-versa.

Some material that is useful to rather more than just this course.

Past Papers

Solutions to past papers will NOT be made available. Please come to see me during my office hours if you have problems with the questions.

Previous In-Term Tests

Some previous in-term tests are shown below. There was only one such thing till 2009. Last year, we reverted to just having the mid-term test, and we continue that tradition this year. Solutions are only going to be given to a couple of these, and that means that I shall not post any further solutions here.

Mid-term Tests

End-of-term Tests

These do not occur at the moment, and only occurred for two years anyway.

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