Multilayer networks

Rarely complex systems are described by a single network. Multilayer networks formed by several coexisting and interacting networks describe the vast majority of complex systems ranging from social networks to the brain.

I have recently worked on multilayer networks tackling a variety of subjects:
  • I have formulated models of multilayer networks with correlated network structure (overlap of the links, correlation between the degrees in different layers heterogeneous activty of the nodes, weight degree correlations, overlapping community structure) using ensembles of networks and growing network models. In this context I introduced the very useful concept of multilink (see figure).
  • I have characherized the dynamics on multilayer networks including percolation in multiplex networks and network of networks; model of percolation and social networks with competition (antagonism) between the layers; random walk for defining the Multiplex PageRank of multiplex networks.
Find below a selected list of the papers I published on this subject.

Selected publications