CoSyDy Workshop on Phase Transitions in Socio-Economic Systems
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The sudden arising of a trending topic on Twitter, the neat polarisation of opinions during an open consultation, the formation of patterns in pedestrian mobility, and even the unpredictable collapse of financial markets can all be viewed as the result of underlying structural or dynamical phase transitions. A considerable effort has been devoted in the last two decades to devising credible models of such systems, and to studying the main factors which determine their dynamical behaviour.

This workshop aims at bringing together scientists interested in the characterisation of phase transitions in social and economical systems, with a focus on models inspired by statistical physics and nonlinear dynamics, and will provide a common platform for discussion about the hottest trends in this field.

The meeting is part of the CoSyDy series, a London Mathematical Society Scheme 3 network bringing together UK mathematicians investigating Complex Systems Dynamics.

Attendance at this workshop is free and open to everyone. However, for catering purposes, please register your attendance via email to by 3rd July.

Limited funding for travel is available for participants from CoSyDy member nodes (i.e. University of Warwick, University of Bath, and University of Leeds). Please contact Rosemary Harris for further information.
Invited speakers
Oral contributions
There is room for a few short oral presentations (15 minutes including 2 minutes Q/A). Researchers in the field of phase transition in social and economic systems are kindly encouraged to submit a short abstract (150-250 words) via email at the address
PhD students and early-career researchers are particularly welcome to present their research at the workshop.
The deadline for the submission of abstracts of oral presentations is Friday 24th June 2016 .
Date and venue
The workshop will take place on July 6th 2016, between 10:30-18:30, and is hosted by the School of Mathematical Sciences, at Queen Mary University of London. Please find below the address of the QMUL campus is:
School of Mathematical Sciences
Queen Mary University of London
Mile End Road, E1 4NS, London (UK)
Click here for a map of the campus. The School of Mathematical Sciences is indicated as building number 4 in the map. The Workshop will take place in the Maths Lecture Theatre (MLT), at the ground floor of the same bulding.