Vito Latora


EU Project LASAGNE, multi-LAyer SpAtiotemporal Generalized NEtworks (Nov 2012-Nov 2015)

EPSRC Project GALE, Global Accessibility to Local Experience (Sept 2013-Mar 2016)

    I am one of the three PIs of this project whose aim is to pioneer third generation recommender systems which would make it possible for the rapidly growing population of ``global'' city users to access, in real time, a level of information, that of the neighborhoods knowledge, which is inherently inaccessible to global repositories. This is a multidisciplinary consortium of 3 partners: Queen Mary University of London, Computer Lab, University of Cambridge and Strathclyde University, Department of Architecture.

EPSRC Project LoBaNet, Nash equilibria for load balancing in networked power systems (Apr 2016-Mar 2019)

    I am Co-I of this project whose PI is Christian Beck. The project aims to explore the dynamic, multiplayer, economic and operational “games” arising when energy storage and demand-side management technologies are applied to power system balancing.