London Group (Queen Mary, University of London, 2005ff)
(current coworkers are marked in bold green)
  • Mr. Roberto Moran Tovar
  • 4-week Summer School project at the London Mathematical Laboratory on Levy walks in weakly chaotic dynamical systems from July to August 2018

  • Mr. Dominic Pegler
  • Masters thesis project on Weak chaos and anomalous diffusions from June to September 2018

  • Mr. George Blackburn
  • 6-months project student at MPIPKS Dresden working on Levy walks from September 2015 to February 2016

  • Mr. Abdi-Fatah Ahmed Muse
  • Masters thesis project on Deterministic chaos in the baker map from June to September 2014

  • Mr. Azharul Abedin Khan
  • Masters thesis project on Chaotic diffusion in deterministic Langevin dynamics from June to September 2014

  • Ms. Sol Selene Gil Gallegos
  • PhD project on Deterministic diffusion in smooth periodic potentials; self-funded by a Mexican Conacyt grant, from May 2013 to June 2017

  • Mr. Rayhan Uz Zaman
  • Masters thesis project on Chaotic diffusion in deterministic Langevin dynamics from June 2013 - March 2014

  • Ms. Yen Diep Tran
  • Masters thesis project on Fractals and fractal dimensions from June - September 2010

  • Dr. Matteo Colangeli
  • postdoctoral project on deterministic fluctuation relations, self-funded by a postdoc grant from ETH Zuerich, Dezember 2009 - August 2010. Currently postdoc in Torino.

  • Mr. Fatmir Qirezi
  • Masters thesis on From stochastic to deterministic Langevin equation from June - September 2009; mark: A. In Autumn 2009 Fatmir received the Drapers' Company Prize ``in recognition of his outstanding academic achievement'', his Masters Thesis being a substantial part of it.

  • Dipl. Systemwiss. Friedrich Lenz
  • 6-month project on foraging bumblebees from August 2008 - February 2009.
    Ph.D. scholarship awarded from QMUL for continuing this project, from September 2009 to March 2013. PhD thesis on Statistical Analysis and Stochastic Modelling of Foraging Bumblebees.

  • Dr. Georgie Knight
  • Masters thesis on Chaotic Diffusion and Fractal Functions from June - September 2008; mark: A. Georgie received two awards for his Master, his Masters Thesis being a substantial part of it:
    1. The QMUL Principal's Award for one of the best masters theses at QMUL in 2008.
    2. The prestigious 2008 University of London-wide Lionel Cooper Prize for Mathematics. The Lionel Cooper Prize is awarded for excellence in all assessed parts of an MSc course at a College of London University, of which Mathematics forms at least 50%, in other words for best performance on a University of London Mathematics Masters programme.
    Georgie received a ``Peoples Choice Prize'' for his poster presentation at the QMUL Postgraduate Research Day
    Ph.D. project supported by a Ph.D. scholarship from QMUL, from October 2008 to April 2012. PhD thesis on Fractal Diffusion Coefficients in Simple Dynamical Systems.
    Postdoc in Bristol starting from Autumn 2014.

  • Mr. Muhammad Ashraf
  • Masters thesis on Bifurcations in deterministic dynamical systems from June - September 2008

  • Dr. Phil J. Howard
  • Postdoctoral project on dynamical systems and anomalous diffusion from January 2007 - December 2008. Now staff scientist / modeller at the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, Wallingford

  • Mr. Mubiin Mungur
  • Masters thesis on Deterministic Diffusion from January - September 2006

  • Ms. Sahar Afshan
  • Masters thesis on The Ergodic Hierarchy from June - September 2005

  • Mr. Andros Fotios
  • Masters thesis on Definitions of Chaos from June - September 2005; mark: A.

  • Ms. Jelena Oblikova
  • Masters thesis on SRB Measures and Physical Measures from June - September 2005.

  • Mr. Eoin O'Mahony
  • Masters thesis on Concepts of Diffusion from June - September 2005

  • Mr. Raza Siddiqi
  • Trainee from May - July 2005; currently engineering student at the ENSTA Paris (Ecole Nationale Superieure de Techniques Avancees)

    Dresden Group (MPIPKS Dresden, 2001-2004)

    Brussels Group (Universite Libre de Bruxelles,

    for publications together with RK see here