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MAS232 Statistical Modelling I

School of Mathematical Sciences



General Information


Note: MAS212 Linear Algebra, MAS228 Probability II (or MAS216 Probability Models) and MAS113 Fundamentals of Statistics I are essential prerequisites for this course. If you have not done all of these courses, you should not register for MAS232.


All written material relating to this course will be made available on the course website http://www.maths.qmul.ac.uk/~bb/MAS232.html. This is the only means by which I will give out written information. I will tell you in lectures when new information has been uploaded, but you should check the website regularly.


Please come to see me during my office hours if you need help with understanding the course material, or just to let me know how you think the

course is going. I have many other commitments as well as teaching this course, so please do not expect me to help you outside my office hours, except by making an appointment (preferably by e-mail).


I will write lecture notes on a board during the lectures and I recommend that you copy them down. If you miss a lecture, copy somebody else's notes as soon as possible. It is always useful to see the same material written in different ways. I strongly recommend that you buy one of the books listed on the Reading page of the course website.


The course includes a substantial amount of computing using the Minitab package on the College's PC network. New, examinable, material will be introduced in the computing sessions. You should be familiar with Minitab, but the first session will include some revision.


I strongly advise you to attend all the lectures and all the computer labs.


Assessment: 10% coursework + 10% midterm test + 80% examination paper.


Coursework: There will be 5 computer sessions (labs) and so there will be 5 exercise sheets (attached to the sessions, compulsory, all count).

Coursework should be posted in the coursework box (box and time to be advised). Late work will receive a mark of zero; work posted in the wrong box is unlikely to be collected on time and will receive a mark of zero; unstapled work is liable to get lost and may lose marks.

Plagiarism is a serious offence under College regulations. Copied work will be severely penalized and noted in your file.

Coursework will be returned during the computer labs and discussed in lectures.


Test: The midterm test will be during week 7, which will be a reading week. There will be no lectures that week, but I will be available at my office hours if you need any help with the course material.


Examination: there will be no choice of questions.


The following rubric will be used on the exam paper:

You should attempt all questions. Marks awarded are shown next to the questions. Calculators may be used in this examination, but no programming, graph plotting or algebraic facility may be used. Please state on your answer book the name and type of machine used. The New Cambridge Statistical Tables are provided.


Last updated: 5 January 2007


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