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Department of Mathematics, King's College London
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In the period 2011-2016 I was the Professor of Statistical & Mathematical Physics at the School of Mathematical Sciences at Queen Mary, University of London. After graduating from St. Petersburg Polytechnical University (Russia) I received my PhD degree in Mathematical and Theoretical Physics from the Theory Division of the Petersburg Institute of Nuclear Physics. I then worked there several years as a research fellow before moving to Germany in the year 1991 as a Humboldt Research Fellow. Since 2000 I hold appointments as a Professor of Mathematical Physics at various UK universities.


My research profile on Google Scholar is here . My research interests are centred around Physical Mathematics of random matrices. It includes applications of Random Matrix Theory to physics of disordered systems, both classical and quantum, among others to areas of Anderson Localization, Quantum Chaotic Scattering, Mesoscopics, and Statistical Mechanics. The focus of my current research is on exploring statistical properties of random landscapes and the extreme value statistics of strongly correlated random processes and fields, in particular on 1/f noises. The latter show fascinating relations to random matrices, Burgers turbulence, multifractal measures, and Riemann zeta-function. To get a better understanding one may wish to look through e.g. a general-public synopsis of our recent work, or watch a short video . A non-technical overview of the Random Matrix Theory and suggestions for further reading can be found in my article : Yan Fyodorov (2011), Scholarpedia, 6(3):9886.. .


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