Statistical Mechanics Study Group

Spring Semester 2008

Time:  Thursdays of "odd" weeks at 4pm
Location:  Maths Room 513

General Idea: The aim of these meetings is to provide a forum to discuss both our own work and other recent (or not-so-recent) developments in statistical mechanics. This is intended to be a "study group" not a "seminar" – speakers are asked to proceed slowly and audience participation is actively encouraged. After each talk there is also the opportunity for further informal discussions in more relaxed surroundings.

Schedule: The list below gives a provisional outline of talks planned for this semester. Please note, however, that our schedule is fairly flexible to allow for the evolving interests of the group. As term progresses, the titles will be updated to link to any relevant resources (abstract, notes/slides, references etc.).

Organizer: Rosemary Harris; if you want to be on the group's mailing list, or perhaps want to give a talk yourself, please email me at

24 January
7 February
21 February
Deterministic random walks
[follows on from the Dynamical Systems Seminar of Phil Howard]
6 March (joint with DynSys seminar)
4pm, Maths Lecture Theatre
Royce Zia
(Virginia Tech)
25 March
Easter break
No seminar unless there is strong demand!
3 April
Rui Carvalho

Last modified: March 13, 2008