Dynamical Systems Seminar

Summer Semester 2007

Time:  This term the seminar will take place on an irregular basis. Mostly it will be on Tuesday at 4pm; tea is available from 3.15pm in the adjacent common room.
Location:  Mathematics Seminar Room (Room 103, first floor of the Mathematical Sciences Building)

Some general remarks: Everyone is invited to come to the seminar. Ideally, the talks should be directed towards discussions of present lines of research rather than covering as many details as possible in perfectly arranged presentations.
Organizer: Oscar Bandtlow; please email me at if you want to be on the seminar's mailing list, or perhaps want to give a talk yourself.

Thursday 26 April
Sarah Koch
(Department of Mathematics,
Cornell University)

Tuesday 8 May
Tony Roberts
(Department of Mathematics and Computing, University of Southern Queensland)
Friday 25 May
special event
Friday 15 June
4.30pm, Room G02
(joint with Combinatorics)
Aleks Owczarek
(Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Melbourne)
Polymers in a slab with attractive walls: Scaling and numerical results
Tuesday 19 June
Manuel Cruz López
(Facultad de Matemáticas,
Universidad de Guanajuato, Mexico)

Previous seminars can be found in our archive.

Last modified: June 14, 2007