Dynamical Systems
at Queen Mary

Dynamical Systems Seminar - Summer Term 2005

Time:  This term our seminar will take place on an irregular basis. Mostly it will be on Tuesday at 4pm, jointly together with the Decadent Dynamics Seminar. Tea is available from 3.15pm in the adjacent common room.
Location:  Mathematics Seminar Room (Room 103, first floor of the Mathematical Sciences Building)
Some general remarks: Everyone is invited to come to the seminar. Ideally, the talks should be directed towards discussions of present lines of research rather than covering as many details as possible in perfectly arranged presentations.
Organiser: Oliver Jenkinson; co-organiser: Rainer Klages; please e-mail us if you want to be on the seminar's mailing list, or perhaps want to give a talk yourself.

26th April Mark Holland (Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Surrey)

Stable manifolds and hyperbolic systems
3rd May
Alexei Pavlov (Department of Mechanical Engineering, Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands)

Convergent systems: nonlinear simplicity
Wednesday, 11th May
Complex Dynamics Day at QMUL
speakers: G.Stallard, S. van Strien, M. Freiberger, A. Douady
for more information please contact the organiser S. Bullett
31st May
Oscar Bandtlow (School of Mathematical Sciences, University of Nottingham)

Foundations of non-equilibrium statistical mechanics
Wednesday, 8th June, 4pm Alexander G. Ramm (Mathematics Department, Kansas State University)
note change of day!
Dynamical systems method for solving operator equations
(paper 1 and paper 2 corresponding to this talk)
21st June
Salvo Rizzo (ENAV Firenze, Italy)

Application of superstatistics to atmospheric turbulence at Florence airport

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