Dynamical Systems and Statistical Physics Seminar

Spring Term 2009

Time:  Tuesday at 4pm; tea is available from 3.15pm in the adjacent common room.
Location:  Room 103, first floor of the Mathematical Sciences Building
Organizer: Wolfram Just (w.just@qmul.ac.uk)

06 Jan
James Elliott
13 Jan
Gernot Akemann
20 Jan
27 Jan
Modelling and nonlinear dynamics of coupled lasers
30 Jan
joint with CSG
Stu Whittington
Counting knotted, unknotted and almost unknotted embeddings of graphs in lattices
03 Feb
Fermi acceleration in non-autonomous billiards
10 Feb
Space-time thermodynamics and large deviation functions: a perspective on the glass transition
12 Feb
joint with SMSG
Gerhard Keller
17 Feb
Oliver Jenkinson
(Queen Mary)
How to optimize long term happiness? - Ergodic optimization of utility functions
24 Feb
Gregor Tanner
Wave transport in complex structures - a dynamical approach
03 Mar
Peter McOwan
(Queen Mary)
10 Mar
Jeroen Lamb
Homoclinic bifurcation with symmetry
17 Mar
Juan P. Garrahan
24 Mar
Entropy increase in a model of quantum spin systems

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