Dynamical Systems and Statistical Physics Seminar

Autumn Term 2008

Time:  Tuesday at 4pm; tea is available from 3.15pm in the adjacent common room.
Location:  Room 103, first floor of the Mathematical Sciences Building

Organizer: Franco Vivaldi (f.vivaldi@qmul.ac.uk)

23 Sep
Additive and nonadditive entropies and the foundations of statistical mechanics
30 Sep
Franco Vivaldi
(Queen Mary)
07 Oct
Ian Morris
14 Oct
Edmund Harriss
21 Oct
Julien Tailleur
28 Oct
Kit Nair
04 Nov
11 Nov
18 Nov
25 Nov
02 Dec
James Montaldi
Why is zero momentum special in Hamiltonian bifurcations?
09 Dec
12 Dec
special event
One-Day Ergodic Theory Meeting (supported by the LMS)
16 Dec

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