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My QMUL Teaching: I am not currently teaching at QMUL but you are welcome to make what use you choose of the links below
 MTH3100 Essential Mathematical Skills
  MTH6105 Algorithmic Graph Theory
  MTH4105 Introduction to Mathematical Computing
Elsewhere: Singapore Institute of Mangement; Oxford University; Lycée Clémence Royer, Fonsorbe

My Research:
my interests are in combinatorial optimisation (a recent paper, in Journal of Combinatorial Optimization) and in combinatorics generally (a new paper, to appear in Discussiones Mathematicae Graph Theory, and a not so recent paper, which appeared in an Elsevier Journal), and a little bit in the history of mathematics (a paper I read at the BSHM 2014 Christmas meeting). Actually I am interested in all kinds of mathematics, and spend much too much time trying to understand areas in which I have little expertise, as evinced by my website:

Theorem of the Day:

A summary CV

Lots of things about Alan Mathison Turing

Lots of other mathematics web resources

Theorem of the Day - the site

A worksheet on using SymPy for graph theory.

Verse vignettes of scientists and philosophers

Some quotes from very good scientists to comfort you when you feel you are a very bad one. Please email me things to add.

The Maths Study Group at LSBU

The Queen Mary Combinatorics Study Group

More or less all other UK Maths Departments/Organisations

The London Mathematical Society

The Institute of Mathematics and its Applications

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