MTH6105 Algorithmic Graph Theory


My name is Robin Whitty. I will be taking you for Algorithmic Graph Theory.

My official day job is in the Business Faculty at London South Bank University. I don't have an office at Queen Mary but you may visit me during office hours in Maths B11 (check times on my webpage), or by making an appointment. My email is

The website for this module is:

you will download coursework sheets and notes from this page, so keep checking it, or follow on twitter (@WhittyQMUL).

Text books/notes

The lecture notes are the main sources of material. These are posted lecture by lecture.

A couple of books you might find useful:

Algorithmic Graph Theory
Gibbons, Cambridge University Press
Combinatorial Optimization
Papadimitriou & Steiglitz, Dover

I am responsible for the University of London International Programmes module Operations Research and Combinatorial Optimisation. Although the approach it takes is completely different from MTH6105 there is quite a lot of overlap and you might like to browse the study guide.


Check the official school timetable page — it is the most reliable source of updated information.


Assessment is by exam. There are 10 non-assessed courseworks, set weekly. More details are here.

Lecture behaviour:

  • No use of mobile phones, even as calculators
  • Please respect me and your fellow students! There will be times when you lose concentration – everybody does – but we are all trying to concentrate!
  • Please try to turn up on time. If you are late, sit wherever will be least disruptive of the lecture (i.e. don't look around for your friends so you can join them).

I hope you enjoy the module. Any queries, worries: always just ask!