MTH4105 Introduction to Mathematical Computing

Week 6

  Covered this week:
Lecture 1:
We talked about Maple plotting: implicit plots, parametric plots, animated plots (not part of the syllabus but fun!). Notes: pdf and Maple. Note this material is NOT included in the mid-term test. Hugo Touchette's notes from last year are here: pdf (750KB) and Maple (1.8MB).
Lecture 2:
We continued working through the 2010 exam paper. I think I will post the result in Week 8 when we can finish Question 5 by using the if statement.
Lecture 3:
We looked at 3D plotting. Notes to follow soon (NOT included in mid-term). Also: tried a revision question which looked back to Coursework 2 and applied much of what we have learnt since: pdf and Maple; solution: pdf and Maple.

Week 6 Coursework: watch the boxes below!
Coursework 6
Download pdf
Submit during week 9
Download: pdf and Maple

Extra: a table summarising the Maple commands we have met so far.

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