MTH4105 Introduction to Mathematical Computing

Week 3

  Covered this week:
Lecture 1:
Discrete mathematics: we moved from fsolve to isolve! Here are the notes from today's lecture: pdf and Maple. Hugo Touchette's notes from last year (pdf, Maple) give very comprehensive coverage of integer functions such as igcd and ilcm as well as sets, lists and the seq function (which we will cover on Friday).
Lecture 2:
We continued to look at the 2010 exam. We've now finished looking at Questions 1 and 2. Here is the result: Maple and pdf.
Lecture 3:
We covered the sequence operator and it's application to sets and lists: Maple and pdf.

Week 3 Coursework: watch the boxes below!
Coursework 3
Download pdf
Revised version: 2300 on 17/10/11
Submit during Week 5
Download pdf and Maple

Extra: QMUL's Francis Wright produced these very nice notes on Diophantine equations a few year's ago. They are bit ahead of where we are but highly recommended!

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