Extra: Revision mini-examples from Revision Week

MTH4105 Introduction to Mathematical Computing

Week 12

Reading Week and Mid-semester Test
Lecture 1:
The 1600 Monday lecture is replaced by the End-of-Term test. Details below.
Lecture 2:
The 1300 Friday lecture will not take place
Lecture 3:
The 1400 Friday lecture will not take place
End-of-term Test
Takes place at 1600 on Monday 12/12/11 in Arts 2 LT, Arts 1, Room 1.28 and Maths Room 410.
Tutorials will take place as usual on Monday and Tuesday for you to complete and submit Coursework 9.

Week 12 Coursework: no coursework is set in Week 12. Coursework 9 is due during Week 12 tutorials.

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