MTH4105 Introduction to Mathematical Computing

Week 10

  Covered this week:
Lecture 1:
Introduction to Maple procedures . The notes: pdf and Maple. Hugo Touchette's notes from last year are very good: pdf and Maple.
Lecture 2:
We covered two more questions from the 2010 end-of-term test. The solutions are already online for these tests here. Also the bits of Q6 we missed.
Lecture 3:
I prepared a lecture presenting a case study in the use of procedures to solve triangles. It turned out too ambitious so in the end we looked at Q7 from the 2010 exam paper and some extra information I added to Monday's notes (above). The case study is here and I urge you to read through it: pdf (1 MB) and Maple.

Week 9 Coursework: watch the boxes below!
Coursework 9
Download pdf
Submit during week 12
Download pdf and Maple

Extra: something here soon!

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