MTH4105 Introduction to Mathematical Computing

Week 1

  Covered this week:
Lecture 1
I went over the details of the module and its website. Then I gave a presentation called The Evolution of Mathematical Computing, a summary of this presentation is given below (this material is not assessed on this module).
    Evolution of Mathematical Computing
Lecture 2:
We watched a couple of Youtube clips: a (rather commercial) introduction to Maple 15; then a clip about the basics; then one about the palettes of Common Symbols and Expressions
Lecture 3:
We covered the basic aspects of Maple: types and expressions. I was going tol upload scans of the notes but I think everything I said is repeated in Coursework 1 below. As a supplement, here some notes by Hugo Touchette.

Coursework: watch the boxes below!
Coursework 0 (for use in 'drop-in' tutorial on Tuesday 27/09)
Coursework 1
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Submit during Week 3
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EXTRA: Maple's isprime function tests if an integer is prime but with a very small probability of failure! Read page 141 of this paper to find out more.

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