Graph algorithms and models

LTCC Advanced Module -- February-March 2018

Dr. Vincenzo Nicosia
School of Mathemathical Sciences
Queen Mary University of London

Resources (Top)
All the lecture notes, reading material, and documentation about the module is available in the git repository of the module at the address:

The repository contains also detailed information about the available topics for the final independent project.

Syllabus (Top)
The course will provide the students with a solid understanding of theoretical aspects and algorithms related to the computation of graph properties (components, paths, subgraphs, clusters, centrality), to the sampling of graphs from random ensembles, and to the modelling of real-world networks by means of random graphs.
Lectures (Top)
Assessment (Top)
The assessment for this module is based on a final independent project. Each student will work on one of the proposed projects, contributing and sharing material with all the other students working on the same topic.

The final mark of each student will be obtained from:
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