I am currently a postdoc in the Dynamical Systems & Statistical Physics Group at Queen Mary. I am also co-organiser of the Complex Systems seminar, and recently co-organised a workshop in 'Ergodic Theory & Symbolic Dynamics'.

Before coming to Queen Mary, I was a postdoc (and Marie Curie Fellow) in the DynamIC group, Imperial College London, and before that, a postdoc in Tobias Jäger's Emmy Noether group, Institute of Analysis, TU Dresden.

Teaching (2017/18)

MTH6107/MTH6107P - Chaos & Fractals

Research Interests

Dynamical systems & ergodic theory

Publications / Pre-prints

Which beta-shifts have a largest invariant measure?, V. Anagnostopoulou and O. Jenkinson, Journal of the London Mathematical Society 79 (2009), 445-464.

Entrance time functions for flat spot maps, V. Anagnostopoulou, K. Diaz-Ordaz, O. Jenkinson, and C. Richard, Nonlinearity 23 (2010), 1477-1494.

The flat spot standard family: variation of the entrance time median, V.Anagnostopoulou, K.Diaz-Ordaz, O.Jenkinson, and C.Richard, Dyn. Sys. 27 (2012), 29-43.

Sturmian maximizing measures for the piecewise-linear cosine family, V. Anagnostopoulou, K. Diaz-Ordaz, O. Jenkinson, and C. Richard, Bulletin of the Brazilian Math.Soc. New Series 43(2) (2012), 285-302.

Nonautonomous saddle-node bifurcations: random and deterministic forcing, V. Anagnostopoulou, T. Jäger, Jour. Diff. Equat. 253(2) (2012), 379-399.

A model for the nonautonomous Hopf bifurcation, V. Anagnostopoulou, T. Jäger, G. Keller, Nonlinearity 28 (2015) 2587-2616.

Stochastic dominance for shift-invariant measures, V. Anagnostopoulou, accepted for publication in DCDS-A (2017)


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