Queen Mary, University of London
School of Mathematical Sciences


September - December 2003

Date Speaker Affiliation Title
29 Evgenii Khukhro Cardiff Lie algebras with almost regular automorphisms
6 Brita Nucinkis Zuerich On dimensions in Bredon homology
13 Karl Gruenberg London Exponents of cohomology and the principal ideal theorem
20 Jim Brooks Gainsville Equicontinuity: Applications to C*-algebras and stochastic integration
27 Stephen Power Lancaster Invariant subspaces for some Lie semigroups of unitary operators
3 Yuri Bazlov London A Clifford algebra analogue of the Harish-Chandra map
10 Vincent Guirardel Toulouse Limit groups and groups acting freely on R^n-trees
17 Rebecca Thorn London Metric diophantine approximation, a geometric approach
24 Dan Segal Oxford Subgroups of finite index in profinite groups
1 David Edwards Oxford Function lattices and commutative lattices of Hilbert-space projections
8 Roger Bryant Manchester Lie modules for the general linear group
15 John Wilson Oxford Aspects of growth of groups

The talks are held on Mondays at 16:30 in the Mathematics Seminar Room (103) on Level 1 of the Mathematics Building, Queen Mary, University of London. Tea and coffee are available in the Mathematics Common Room (102) from 15:00. Cheese and wine may follow after the talk.

The nearest underground station is Stepney Green. Turn left at the exit and walk approximately 400 yards. More detailed travel information is available here. Details of other mathematics seminars at Queen Mary are available here, and past Pure Mathematics seminar programmes are available here.

For more information, or confirmation, send an email to T.W.Muller@qmul.ac.uk.

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