Referee's Report on

"Asymptotic enumeration of incidence matrices"

This is a delightful paper on the asymptotic enumeration of 0-1-matrices. (...)

Referee Reports on

"Flat histogram version of the pruned and enriched Rosenbluth method"

Referee A: This paper makes a significant contribution to the means and methods of simulating random structures, such as walks, on a regular lattice by computer. The letter is easy to read and explains the relevant techniques and issue clearly. (...)

Referee B: The paper presents an interesting extension of the Grassberg-Rosenbluth method (PERM), which appears to me superior to the recently published extension of PERM by Bachmann and Janke. The presentation is very clear and also suitable for a broader readership. (...)

Referee's Report on

"Proof of a monotonicity conjecture"

This is a wonderfully succinct paper fully settling a conjecture that has been open for nine years and has been studied widely. The theorem is beautiful and the proof is exquisite.

I strongly recommend publication in the Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series A.