Arick Shao 邵崇哲


In addition to research, I also teach university-level mathematics courses. This mainly involves preparing and delivering lectures and, in most cases, planning at least some of the course material itself. I also do some grading of examinations, with the specific amounts depending on the situation.

Current Teaching

MTH5109: Geometry II: Knots and Surfaces

  • Position: Instructor
  • Location: Queen Mary University of London
  • Term: Fall 2017
  • Course webpage (On QMPlus)

This is a second-year undergraduate course on the differential geometry of curves and surfaces, along with a brief excursion to knot theory.

Approximate list of topics covered, by week:

  1. Introduction (basic ideas in geometry and topology), parametric curves
  2. What is a curve (independence of parametrization), orientation, tangent lines
  3. Arc length, path/line integrals
  4. Curvature, plane curves (signed curvature, winding number)

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