Mathematical Problem Solving

RA Wilson Semester 2, 2006/2007


Room allocation: Tue 2-3, Francis Bancroft 102.5 and Fri 1-2, Engineering 216

Office hours: Mon 3.30-4.30, Tue 3-4, Thur 2-3.30 (but not 29/3/07), Fri 2-3

INTRODUCTORY MEETING on Tuesday, January 9, 2-3, Francis Bancroft 102.5

Problems are handed out until March 30, 2pm

Solutions are accepted until the deadline of Thursday, April 5, 3pm
They may be handed in to the RED box on the SECOND floor (i.e. the Cryptography box) after the end of the semester.
(however, no support can be expected after March 30)

Course description and course information

Robert Wilson
December 2006
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