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The talks are held at 1630 in the Mathematics Seminar Room (103) on Level 1 of the Mathematics Building, Queen Mary, University of London. Tea and coffee are available in the Mathematics Common Room (102) from 1500.

The nearest underground station is Stepney Green. Turn left at the exit and walk 400 yards.

Date Speaker Affiliation Title
28 January 2010 M. Latif Queen Mary Design and analysis of transform-both-sides nonlinear models
4 February 2010 H. P. Wynn LSE Information-base learning, with thoughts on optimal experimental design
11 February 2010 J. Godolphin Surrey Estimability and connectivity in m-way designs
18 February 2010 H. Großmann Queen Mary Analysis of an experiment on bumblebee personality
25 February 2010 A. C. Atkinson LSE Experiments for enzyme kinetic models
11 March 2010 M. Arephin CRUK, Queen Mary Order restricted inference for multi-arm trials
25 March 2010 S. Conti Health Protection Agency Dimensions of design space: A decision-theoretic approach to optimal research design

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