R. A. Bailey's PhD students

Completed PhD

  • Paul Nelson: Restricted randomization for one-dimensional arrays with no blocking

  • Polycarp Chigbu: Semi-Latin squares: methods for enumeration and comparison

  • Julie Leeming: Efficiency versus resolvability in block designs

  • Colin Lewis: One-dimensional neighbour effects

  • Costas Papadopoulos: Codes and trellises

  • Matthew Ollis: Terraces for groups: some constructions and applications

    Fairy Godmother

  • Randall Tobias: The algebra of a multi-stratum design and the application of its structure to analysis

  • Hervé Monod: Construction et randomisation de plans factoriels équilibrés pour les voisinages

  • Babatunde Adeleke: Optimal resolvable row-column designs: construction

    Current students

  • Rebecca Lodwick: Cross-over trials

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