R. A. Bailey: Preprints

  1. A. J. Leistner, D. A. M. K. Rasch and R. A. Bailey: A dialogue system for constructing complete blocks in two-way layouts.

  2. R. A. Bailey: Factorial designs.

  3. T. H. Sparks, R. A. Bailey and D. A. Elston: Pseudoreplication--enough is enough.

  4. R. A. Bailey: Resolved designs viewed as sets of partitions. In Combinatorial Designs and their Applications (editors F. C. Holroyd, K. Quinn, C. A. Rowley and B. Webb), Chapman & Hall/CRC Press Research Notes in Mathematics, CRC Press LLC, Boca Raton, in press. View as pdf (Thanks to Chris Rowley for this)

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