Design of Experiments

Course Material Spring 2007

This material will remain here
until after the examination

Wednesday 16 May 2007, 1430-1630
Great Hall

There will be a revision lecture from 1000 to 1200 on Wednesday 2 May 2007 in Room G2.

Apart from the course descriptions, the items below are PDF files; you will need Acrobat Reader to browse or print them.

Course descriptions and course information

Arrangements for Week 7, 19-23 February 2007

The Tuesday discussion session will take place as usual, covering Assignment 6.

There will be no lectures: instead, you should read this chapter about experiments on people and animals. Assigment 7 will be based on this material.

Practical 7 will be issued. As usual, you can either work on this in your own time or save it to with two others in Week 9. If you want to work on it in the lab on Thursday 22 February and would like me to be present, please let me know.

Coursework for discussion

Coursework for handing in

This assignment counts for 10% of your overall marks. Hand it in by 1530 on Friday 30 March 2007.
The marked work can now be collected from the Maths Office.

Genstat practicals

Lecture material

The content of the course is defined by the lectures and by the reading in Week 7. However, this material is being expanded into a book. Feel free to browse this, but remember that any extra material in here is not examinable.

Examination material

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