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The greening of healthcare

The following quotation is taken from page 32 of the New Scientist of 22 December 2007.

We also compared the effects of running on a treadmill while runners were faced with one of four views, which we classified as rural pleasant, rural unpleasant, urban pleasant and urban unpleasant. There was also a control group who had no view at all, as in most gyms. "Rural pleasant" was the winner, with improved psychological outcomes and substantially reduced blood pressure, while the "urban unpleasant" view came bottom. Runners with "no view" fared better than those viewing gritty urban scenes.

  1. What were the observational units?
  2. What were the experimental units?
  3. What were the treatments and how many of them were there?
  4. Draw the Hasse diagram for the factors on the treatments.

Other designs

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