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Pure Mathematics Seminar

Seminars in 2010

This page records meetings of the Pure Mathematics seminar in 2010. Abstracts are provided where available.
18 January Shaun Bullett
Dimensions: a mathematical DVD by Leys, Ghys and Alvarez
1 February Jonathan Kirby (UEA)
Finitely presented exponential fields
8 February Leonard Soicher
Generalised t-designs
22 February Cho-Ho Chu
Chaotic translations
1 March Anton Evseev
A refinement of the McKay conjecture
15 March Donald Preece
Cycling with mirrors, modulo n
29 March Jeanette McLeod (Bristol)
Asymptotic enumeration of integer matrices
16 April Manfred Droste (Leipzig)
Random constructions of countable abelian p-groups
17 May Klas Markström (Umeå)
Random Cayley graphs

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Peter J. Cameron
24 September 2010