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Pure Mathematics Seminar

Seminars in 2007

This page records meetings of the Pure Mathematics seminar in 2007. Abstracts are provided where available.
15 January 2007 Evgeny Khukhro (Cardiff)
Large characteristic subgroups satisfying multilinear commutator identities
22 January 2007 Bert Wehrfritz (Queen Mary)
Hypercentral groups
29 January 2007 Mike Newman (Queen Mary)
Quantum chromatic number
5 February 2007 Theresia Eisenkölbl (Vienna)
(-1)-enumeration of self-complementary plane partitions and Schur functions
12 February 2007 No Seminar (EPSTAR Consortium launch event)
19 February 2007 No Seminar (School annual lectures and dinner)
26 February 2007 Rob Arthan (Lemma 1 and Queen Mary)
Mechanising Mathematical Proof: a Progress Report
5 March 2007 Donald Preece (Queen Mary)
Mutually orthogonal terraces: New Concept, New Constructions
12 March 2007 Debbie Lockett (Queen Mary)
Posets, homomorphisms, and homogeneity
19 March 2007 Fatma Al Kharoosi (Queen Mary)
Analysing Quaternary Codes using Binary Codes
26 March 2007 Thomas Müller (Queen Mary)
Classification and Statistics of Isomorphism Types in Free Products (The General Poincaré-Klein Problem)
30 April 2007 Wilhelm Kaup (Tübingen)
Geometric and functional analytic structures derived from symmetric complex Banach manifolds
8 May 2007 Mark Jerrum (Queen Mary)
The permanent: a case study in Markov chain Monte Carlo
14 May 2007 Mark Ronan (Illinois)
Local to global structure in buildings
21 May 2007 Ivan Tomašić (Queen Mary)
The geometry of difference schemes
29 May 2007 Josephine Kusuma (Queen Mary)
Orthogonal arrays and t-designs
24 July 2007 Eamonn O'Brien (Auckland)
Two problems on linear groups
1 October 2007 Peter Cameron (Queen Mary)
Cores of symmetric graphs
8 October 2007 Miklós Simonovits (Rényi Institute, Budapest)
Introduction to extremal graph theory
15 October 2007 Rob Wilson (Queen Mary)
Introduction to exceptional Lie algebras: the compact real form of G2
22 October 2007 Baptiste Calmès (Cambridge)
Quadratic forms and Witt groups
29 October 2007 Anand Pillay (Leeds)
Free groups and stable groups
5 November 2007 Minhyong Kim (UCL)
Fundamental groups and Diophantine geometry
12 November 2007 Donald Preece (Queen Mary)
Foxtrots, twizzlers and hiccups -- aids for making designs in Zn
19 November 2007 Nina Snaith (Bristol)
Zero statistics, elliptic curves and random matrix theory
26 November 2007 Jonathan Pila (Bristol)
Rational points on definable sets
10 December 2007 Nicholas Shepherd-Barron (Cambridge)
Formulae for Jacobian theta functions

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Peter J. Cameron
11 December 2007