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Pure Mathematics Seminar

Seminars in 2006

This page records meetings of the Pure Mathematics seminar in 2006. Abstracts are provided where available.
16 January 2006 Charles Leedham-Green (Queen Mary)
Presentations of simple groups
23 January 2006 Raymond Brownell
Mathematics and Art
30 January 2006 Rob Wilson (Queen Mary)
Subgroups of the Monster
6 February 2006 Bob Devaney (Boston)
Fractal Geometry of the Mandelbrot Set
13 February 2006 No Seminar (School annual lectures and dinner)
20 February 2006 John Bray (Queen Mary)
Presentations of the symmetric groups revisited
27 February 2006 Anthony Hilton (Queen Mary)
On embedding partial 4-cycle systems
6 March 2006 Jason Rudd (Queen Mary)
Orbital Tutte polynomials
13 March 2006 Jonathan Dixon (Queen Mary)
Quantised Verma modules and projective modules
20 March 2006 Leonard Soicher (Queen Mary)
Intersections of blocks in block designs
27 March 2006 Imre Leader (Cambridge)
Independence for partition regular equations
8 May 2006 Mark Ronan (Illinois)
Symmetry and the Monster (book launch)
15 May 2006 Richard Barraclough (Queen Mary)
The character table of a maximal subgroup of the Monster
22 May 2006 Ian Musson (Wisconsin-Milwaukee)
Lie superalgebras, Clifford algebras, induced modules and nilpotent orbits
5 June 2006 Bert Wehrfritz (Queen Mary)
Normalizers in division algebras
2 October 2006 Rob Wilson (Queen Mary)
A new construction of the Ree simple groups
9 October 2006 Oliver Jenkinson (Queen Mary)
Multiplication by 2
16 October 2006 Donald Preece (Queen Mary)
Stitching up Zpqr
23 October 2006 Peter Cameron (Queen Mary)
Limits of cubes
30 October 2006 Charles Leedham-Green (Queen Mary)
Newton, pendulums and energy
6 November 2006 Robert Bailey (Queen Mary)
Distance enumerators for permutation groups
13 November 2006 NO SEMINAR
(Science and Engineering Flagship Lecture)
20 November 2006 Alla Detinko (Galway)
Computing with matrix groups over infinite fields
27 November 2006 Dhruv Mubayi (Chicago)
Stability in extremal set theory
4 December 2006 Jozef Skokan (LSE)
Numbers in Ramsey theory
11 December 2006 Tony Lau (Alberta)
Separation and extension properties of positive definite functions on locally compact groups

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Peter J. Cameron
11 December 2007