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Pure Mathematics Seminar

Seminars in 2004

This page records meetings of the Pure Mathematics seminar in 2004. Abstracts are provided where available.
19 January 2004 Bill Jackson
Rigidity of graphs and frameworks
26 January 2004 Charles Leedham-Green
Book I of Newton's Principia
2 February 2004 Pavel Zalesski
Virtually free pro-p groups
9 February 2004 A. Braun
When is a finitely generated module (over a commutative ring) projective?
23 February 2004 Donald Preece
What you can do with two zeros (or none)
1 March 2004 Dudley Stark
Probability and permutations
8 March 2004 R. A. Bailey
Book launch Association schemes: Designed experiments, algebra and combinatorics
15 March 2004 Leonard Soicher
Block designs, groups and computation
22 March 2004 Alina Vdovina
Groups, graphs, knots and buildings
29 March 2004 Peter Cameron
Isometries of Urysohn space
4 October 2004 Peter Cameron
Ranks and signatures of graphs
11 October 2004 Cheng Yeaw Ku
Intersecting families of partial permutations
18 October 2004 Wilfrid Hodges
Recent work in mathematical semantics
25 October 2004 Thomas Prellberg
Monotonicity of partition functions
1 November 2004 Tom Hadfield
Quantum groups and noncommutative geometry
8 November 2004 No meeting
Special lecture Donald Preece: 65 and still counting
15 November 2004 Edmund Harriss
Regular polytopes (with models and pictures)
22 November 2004 Ian Chiswell
Locally invariant orders on groups
29 November 2004 Matt Fayers
Fixed-win knockout tournaments
6 December 2004 No meeting
Inaugural lecture Bill Jackson: Rigidity of Frameworks
13 December 2004 Rob Wilson
The weird and wonderful world of octonions

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