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Pure Mathematics Seminar

Seminars in 2003

This page records meetings of the Pure Mathematics seminar in 2003. Abstracts are provided where available.
6 January 2003 Ed Formanek (Penn State)
Braid group representations of low degree
20 January 2003 Thomas Müller (Queen Mary)
The Poincaré-Klein problem
27 January 2003 Norbert Knarr (Wüzburg)
Compact topological generalized polygons
3 February 2003 Graham White (Queen Mary)
The frame problem: some mathematical issues
10 February 2003 John Parker (Durham)
Complex hyperbolic quasi-Fuchsian groups
24 February 2003 Alison Parker (Oxford)
Good filtration dimensions and quasi-hereditary algebras
3 March 2003 Michael Mackey (University College Dublin)
Composition operators on bounded symmetric domains
10 March 2003 Bert Wehrfritz (Queen Mary)
Artinian-finitary groups
14 March 2003 Prasenjit Saha (Queen Mary)
An experiment in micropublishing
17 March 2003 Nigel Hitchin (Oxford)
Geometry with a B-field
24 March 2003 Don Collins (Queen Mary)
The conjugacy problem and the Higman embedding theorem
31 March 2003 Marcio Soares (Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais)
Polar varieties associated to projective holomorphic foliations
28 April 2003 Pablo Spiga (Queen Mary)
Permutation characters of finite p-groups
12 May 2003 Aner Shalev (Jerusalem)
Fuchsian groups, subgroup growth, random quotients and random walks
19 May 2003 Maud de Visscher (Queen Mary)
Representations of finite Chevalley groups
29 September 2003 Evgenii Khukhro (Cardiff)
Lie algebras with almost regular automorphisms
6 October 2003 Brita Nucinkis (Zürich)
On dimensions in Bredon homology
13 October 2003 Karl Gruenberg (Queen Mary)
Exponents of cohomology and the principal ideal theorem
20 October 2003 Jim Brooks (Gainesville)
Equicontinuity: Applications to C*-algebras and stochastic integration
27 October 2003 Stephen Power (Lancaster)
Invariant subspaces for some Lie semigroups of unitary operators
3 November 2003 Yuri Bazlov (Queen Mary)
A Clifford algebra analogue of the Harish-Chandra map
10 November 2003 Vincent Guirardel (Toulouse)
Limit groups and groups acting freely on Rn-trees
17 November 2003 Rebecca Thorn (Queen Mary)
Metric diophantine approximation, a geometric approach
24 November 2003 Dan Segal (Oxford)
Subgroups of finite index in profinite groups
1 December 2003 David Edwards (Oxford)
Function lattices and commutative lattices of Hilbert-space projections
8 December 2003 Roger Bryant (Manchester)
Lie modules for the general linear group
15 December 2003 John Wilson (Oxford)
Aspects of growth of groups

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