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Pure Mathematics Seminar

Seminars in 2002

This page records meetings of the Pure Mathematics seminar in 2002. Abstracts are provided where available.
7 January 2002 Peter Cameron (Queen Mary)
Polynomials associated with permutation groups, matroids and codes
14 January 2002 Julian Gilbey (Queen Mary)
Permutation group algebras
21 January 2002 Rosemary Bailey (Queen Mary)
Crested products
28 January 2002 Abigail Kirk (Queen Mary)
Extending right orderings of groups
4 February 2002 Sir John Kingman (Isaac Newton Institute, Cambridge)
Trafalgar and other battles
11 February 2002 Matt Ollis (Queen Mary)
Terraces for groups and some applications
18 February 2002 Graham Brightwell (LSE)
The number of k-SAT functions
25 February 2002 David Preiss (UCL)
Category and measure do not mix - or do they?
4 March 2002 Ian Wanless (Oxford)
Permanents and rook polynomials
11 March 2002 Sonia Mansilla (Queen Mary)
On the construction of highly symmetric digraphs using Latin squares
18 March 2002 Roger Bryant (UMIST)
Witt's formula, free Lie algebras, and Adams operations
25 March 2002 Gerhard Roehrle (Birmingham)
On the geometry of generalized Steinberg varieties
29 April 2002 Don Collins (Queen Mary)
One-relator groups: Intersections of conjugates of Magnus subgroups
20 May 2002 Ben Brown (Queen Mary)
27 May 2002 William Chen (Macquarie University, Sydney)
The classical mean squares problem in discrepancy theory
23 September 2002 Charles Leedham-Green & Susan McKay (Queen Mary)
Book launch The Structure of Groups of Prime Power Order
30 September 2002 Wilfrid Hodges (Queen Mary)
The brains of mathematicians, II
7 October 2002 Peter Kropholler (Queen Mary)
Modular invariants of orthogonal groups
14 October 2002 Peter Cameron (Queen Mary)
Some base measures for finite groups
17 October 2002 A. Volcic (Trieste)
Mathematical computerized tomography and geometric tomography
31 October 2002 D. Bakic (Zagreb)
Hilbert C*-modules: bases, frames and Wigner's Theorem
4 November 2002 Martin Bridson (Imperial)
Quotients, group actions, dimensions and Helly's Theorem
11 November 2002 Cho-Ho Chu (Queen Mary)
Harmonic functions and random walks on groups
25 November 2002 Harriet Pollatsek (Mt Holyoke & Sussex)
A mathematician's introduction to quantum computing and error correction
9 December 2002 Peter Higgins (Essex)
Sur un théorème de M. Sierpinski

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Peter J. Cameron
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