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This list of Pure Maths seminars at Queen Mary is more-or-less complete since the beginning of 2002. The current seminar programme is here. The titles of the talks link to abstracts where these are available.

Seminars in 2005
10 January 2005 Steve Donkin
Flags in 3-space
17th January 2005 Robert F. Bailey
Error-correcting codes from permutation groups
24 January 2005 Cheng Yeaw Ku
Intersecting families of set partitions
31 January 2005 Peter Cameron
Embedding partial Steiner systems
7 February 2005 Iwan Williams
The Quadrantid Meteor Shower: The hunt for the parent
14 February 2005 No meeting
Anniversary lectures
21 February 2005 John Arhin
On the structure of equireplicate partial linear spaces with constant line size
28 February 2005 No meeting
Inaugural lecture: Cho-Ho Chu, Left and Right in Mathematics
7 March 2005 Henrik Bäärnhielm
Constructive recognition of the Suzuki groups
14 March 2005 Richard Barraclough
Netting the Monster
21 March 2005 Donald Preece
A powerful new general approach to constructing terraces for the group of integers modulo n
4 April 2005 Robert Johnson
Universal cycles for permutations and other combinatorial families
25 April 2005 Bert Wehrfritz
Finite dimensional division algebras and soluble groups
9 May 2005 John Bray
Good bases for lattices
16 May 2005 Beat Steiner (Zürich and Southampton)
On a generalization of Bass' trace conjecture to group-graded rings
23 May 2005 Jan Grabowski
Inductive constructions associated to Dynkin diagrams
26 September 2005 Rosemary Bailey (Queen Mary)
Block designs for experiments: from microarrays to orthogonal arrays
3 October 2005 Dezso Miklos (Budapest, visiting QM)
Extremal problems on the hypercube
10 October 2005 Christian Elsholtz (Royal Holloway)
Additive decompositions of the set of primes and new methods in prime number theory
17 October 2005 Peter Cameron (Queen Mary)
From orthogonal arrays to Schur's Theorem
24 October 2005 Koko Kayibi (visiting QM)
Matroids and simplicial complexes
31 October 2005 Max Kanovich (CS, Queen Mary)
Bijective proofs in the theory of integer partitions
7 November 2005 Bill Jackson (Queen Mary)
Zero distribution of chromatic polynomials of graphs
14 November 2005 Rob Wilson (Queen Mary)
Involution centralizers in matrix group algorithms
21 November 2005 Robert Connelly (Cornell)
Tensegrities: Why things don't fall down
28 November 2005 Richard Pinch (GCHQ)
The distribution of Carmichael numbers
5 December 2005 No meeting
Public lecture: The Deep Impact mission, by Mike A'Hearn
12 December 2005 Thomas Müller (Queen Mary)
Divisibility properties of subgroup numbers
Seminars in 2004
19 January 2004 Bill Jackson
Rigidity of graphs and frameworks
26 January 2004 Charles Leedham-Green
Book I of Newton's Principia
2 February 2004 Pavel Zalesski
Virtually free pro-p groups
9 February 2004 A. Braun
When is a finitely generated module (over a commutative ring) projective?
23 February 2004 Donald Preece
What you can do with two zeros (or none)
1 March 2004 Dudley Stark
Probability and permutations
8 March 2004 R. A. Bailey
Book launch Association schemes: Designed experiments, algebra and combinatorics
15 March 2004 Leonard Soicher
Block designs, groups and computation
22 March 2004 Alina Vdovina
Groups, graphs, knots and buildings
29 March 2004 Peter Cameron
Isometries of Urysohn space
4 October 2004 Peter Cameron
Ranks and signatures of graphs
11 October 2004 Cheng Yeaw Ku
Intersecting families of partial permutations
18 October 2004 Wilfrid Hodges
Recent work in mathematical semantics
25 October 2004 Thomas Prellberg
Monotonicity of partition functions
1 November 2004 Tom Hadfield
Quantum groups and noncommutative geometry
8 November 2004 No meeting
Special lecture Donald Preece: 65 and still counting
15 November 2004 Edmund Harriss
Regular polytopes (with models and pictures)
22 November 2004 Ian Chiswell
Locally invariant orders on groups
29 November 2004 Matt Fayers
Fixed-win knockout tournaments
6 December 2004 No meeting
Inaugural lecture Bill Jackson: Rigidity of Frameworks
13 December 2004 Rob Wilson
The weird and wonderful world of octonions
Seminars in 2003
6 January 2003 Ed Formanek (Penn State)
Braid group representations of low degree
20 January 2003 Thomas Müller (Queen Mary)
The Poincaré-Klein problem
27 January 2003 Norbert Knarr (Würzburg)
Compact topological generalized polygons
3 February 2003 Graham White (Queen Mary)
The frame problem: some mathematical issues
10 February 2003 John Parker (Durham)
Complex hyperbolic quasi-Fuchsian groups
24 February 2003 Alison Parker (Oxford)
Good filtration dimensions and quasi-hereditary algebras
3 March 2003 Michael Mackey (University College Dublin)
Composition operators on bounded symmetric domains
10 March 2003 Bert Wehrfritz (Queen Mary)
Artinian-finitary groups
14 March 2003 Prasenjit Saha (Queen Mary)
An experiment in micropublishing
17 March 2003 Nigel Hitchin (Oxford)
Geometry with a B-field
24 March 2003 Don Collins (Queen Mary)
The conjugacy problem and the Higman embedding theorem
31 March 2003 Marcio Soares (Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais)
Polar varieties associated to projective holomorphic foliations
28 April 2003 Pablo Spiga (Queen Mary)
Permutation characters of finite p-groups
12 May 2003 Aner Shalev (Jerusalem)
Fuchsian groups, subgroup growth, random quotients and random walks
19 May 2003 Maud de Visscher (Queen Mary)
Representations of finite Chevalley groups
29 September 2003 Evgenii Khukhro (Cardiff)
Lie algebras with almost regular automorphisms
6 October 2003 Brita Nucinkis (Zürich)
On dimensions in Bredon homology
13 October 2003 Karl Gruenberg (Queen Mary)
Exponents of cohomology and the principal ideal theorem
20 October 2003 Jim Brooks (Gainesville)
Equicontinuity: Applications to C*-algebras and stochastic integration
27 October 2003 Stephen Power (Lancaster)
Invariant subspaces for some Lie semigroups of unitary operators
3 November 2003 Yuri Bazlov (Queen Mary)
A Clifford algebra analogue of the Harish-Chandra map
10 November 2003 Vincent Guirardel (Toulouse)
Limit groups and groups acting freely on Rn-trees
17 November 2003 Rebecca Thorn (Queen Mary)
Metric diophantine approximation, a geometric approach
24 November 2003 Dan Segal (Oxford)
Subgroups of finite index in profinite groups
1 December 2003 David Edwards (Oxford)
Function lattices and commutative lattices of Hilbert-space projections
8 December 2003 Roger Bryant (Manchester)
Lie modules for the general linear group
15 December 2003 John Wilson (Oxford)
Aspects of growth of groups
Seminars in 2002
7 January 2002 Peter Cameron (Queen Mary)
Polynomials associated with permutation groups, matroids and codes
14 January 2002 Julian Gilbey (Queen Mary)
Permutation group algebras
21 January 2002 Rosemary Bailey (Queen Mary)
Crested products
28 January 2002 Abigail Kirk (Queen Mary)
Extending right orderings of groups
4 February 2002 Sir John Kingman (Isaac Newton Institute, Cambridge)
Trafalgar and other battles
11 February 2002 Matt Ollis (Queen Mary)
Terraces for groups and some applications
18 February 2002 Graham Brightwell (LSE)
The number of k-SAT functions
25 February 2002 David Preiss (UCL)
Category and measure do not mix - or do they?
4 March 2002 Ian Wanless (Oxford)
Permanents and rook polynomials
11 March 2002 Sonia Mansilla (Queen Mary)
On the construction of highly symmetric digraphs using Latin squares
18 March 2002 Roger Bryant (UMIST)
Witt's formula, free Lie algebras, and Adams operations
25 March 2002 Gerhard Roehrle (Birmingham)
On the geometry of generalized Steinberg varieties
29 April 2002 Don Collins (Queen Mary)
One-relator groups: Intersections of conjugates of Magnus subgroups
20 May 2002 Ben Brown (Queen Mary)
27 May 2002 William Chen (Macquarie University, Sydney)
The classical mean squares problem in discrepancy theory
23 September 2002 Charles Leedham-Green & Susan McKay (Queen Mary)
Book launch The Structure of Groups of Prime Power Order
30 September 2002 Wilfrid Hodges (Queen Mary)
The brains of mathematicians, II
7 October 2002 Peter Kropholler (Queen Mary)
Modular invariants of orthogonal groups
14 October 2002 Peter Cameron (Queen Mary)
Some base measures for finite groups
17 October 2002 A. Volcic (Trieste)
Mathematical computerized tomography and geometric tomography
31 October 2002 D. Bakic (Zagreb)
Hilbert C*-modules: bases, frames and Wigner's Theorem
4 November 2002 Martin Bridson (Imperial)
Quotients, group actions, dimensions and Helly's Theorem
11 November 2002 Cho-Ho Chu (Queen Mary)
Harmonic functions and random walks on groups
25 November 2002 Harriet Pollatsek (Mt Holyoke & Sussex)
A mathematician's introduction to quantum computing and error correction
9 December 2002 Peter Higgins (Essex)
Sur un théorème de M. Sierpinski

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