Design Research Group

Design in Combinatorics and Statistics

LMS/EPSRC Short Course
Queen Mary, University of London, 9-13 September 2002

LMS EPSRC Queen Mary

List of participants

Name Affiliation Interests
Angela Aguglia Università della Basilicata, Potenza Unitals, ovals, Hermitian surfaces,
collineation groups, designs
Maryam Alkandari Imperial College, London Algebraic-geometric code theory
John Arhin Queen Mary, University of London SOMAs (generalizations of
mutually orthogonal Latin squares)
Robert Bailey Queen Mary, University of London Algebraic combinatorics
Kate Bennett Queen Mary, University of London Design of experiments in
medical statistics
David Cariolaro University of Reading Graph theory, finite mathematics
Katie Chicot University of Leeds Transitivity properties of countable structures
Louise Choo University of Bath Medical statistics, spatial epidemiology,
Bayesian methods, experimental design, group theory
Matthew Craven UMIST Genetic algorithms in group theory,
computer algebra
Leigh Ellison University of Glasgow  
Anthony Forbes Open University Combinatorial design theory and computing
Nicholas Georgiou London School of Economics  
Nick Gill University of Cambridge  
Matthew Henderson University of Reading  
Mark Kambites University of York Combinatorial semigroup theory,
connections with theoretical computer science
Sonia Mansilla Queen Mary, University of London Graph theory, permutation groups, Latin squares
John McSorley London Metropolitan University  
Nguyen Van Minh Man Eindhoven University of Technology Combinatorics and computer algebra,
Groebner theory and design of experiments
Philipp Reinfeld London School of Economics  
Christopher Saker University of Essex Combinatorics on words, particularly
unavoidable sets of words
Dinesh Sarvate College of Charleston Combinatorial design theory, enclosing of triple systems
group divisible designs, generalized Bhaskarrao designs
Claire Spencer University of Reading  
Robert Stapleton University of Southampton Factorial experiments and confounding
Sam Tarzi Queen Mary, University of London  
Maylin Wartenberg University of Braunschweig Algebra, coding theory,
stochastics & statistics

Peter J. Cameron
13 August 2002.