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Two days of algorithms (and complexity) in London, UK

Martin Dyer Day, 16th July 2018   ♦   Queen Mary Algorithms Day (QMAD), 17th July 2018

We are pleased to announce two days of meetings on Algorithms and Computational Complexity at Queen Mary, University of London, on Monday 16th and Tuesday 17th July, 2018. On Monday we celebrate the career of Martin Dyer, with a programme of talks by friends and collaborators. On Tuesday, there will be an Algorithms Day, following the no-frills model that has been established in a sequence of meetings at several sites in the UK, including Bristol, Liverpool, Middlesex, Oxford and Warwick.

Martin Dyer Day, Monday 16th July 2018

The Martin Dyer celebration is co-organised by Colin Cooper (King’s College, University of London), Leslie Ann Goldberg (University of Oxford) and Mark Jerrum (Queen Mary, University of London).



Coffee and pastries will be available from 09:45, and the first talk will be at 10:30. A schedule is now available.

Queen Mary Algorithms Day (QMAD)
Tuesday 17th July 2018




The first talk will be at 10:00. A schedule is now available.


Repository of materials

Materials connected with the presentations (further contributions are welcome and should be sent to Mark Jerrum): A photographic record of the meeting is available, courtesy of Ray Crundwell: