GRAPE (Version 4.8) Package for GAP

Author: Leonard H. Soicher
Language: GAP and C
Operating System: Unix, MAC OS X, Windows (XP and later)
Current version archive: grape4r8.tar.gz (for GAP 4.9)
Manual: HTML and PDF versions


GRAPE is a GAP package for computing with graphs and groups, and is primarily designed for constructing and analysing graphs related to groups, finite geometries, and designs.

The vast majority of GRAPE functions are written entirely in the GAP language, except for the automorphism group and isomorphism testing functions, which by default use Brendan McKay's nauty package.


You can find out about some of the techniques used in GRAPE and nauty in:

L.H. Soicher, Computing with graphs and groups, in Topics in Algebraic Graph Theory (L.W. Beineke and R.J. Wilson, eds), Cambridge University Press, 2004, pp. 250-266. PDF preprint.