Dr. Lucas Lacasa
  Reader in Applied Mathematics and
  EPSRC Early Career Fellow

  Complex Systems and Networks Group
School of Mathematical Sciences
Queen Mary University of London
  London E1 4NS (UK)



  Mathematical Sciences Building MB117


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Selected publications

  • Visibility graphs for image processing
    Jacopo Iacovacci, Lucas Lacasa
    IEEE Transactions in Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence 42, 4 (2020)

  • Quantifying and predicting success in show business
    Oliver Williams, Lucas Lacasa, Vito Latora
    Nature Communications 10, 2256 (2019)

  • Newcomb-Benford law helps customs officers to detect fraud in international trade
    Lucas Lacasa
    PNAS 116, 1 (2019)

  • Multiplex decomposition of non-Markovian dynamics and the hidden layer reconstruction problem
    Lucas Lacasa, Inés Pérez-Mariño, Joaquín Miguez, Vincenzo Nicosia, Edgar Roldan, Ana Lisica, Stephan W. Grill and Jesús Gómez-Gardeñes
    Physical Review X 8, 031038 (2018)

  • The dynamics of norm change in the cultural evolution of language
    Roberta Amato, Lucas Lacasa, Albert Diaz-Guilera, Andrea Baronchelli
    PNAS 115, 33 (2018)

  • On the thermodynamic origin of metabolic scaling
    Fernando Ballesteros, Vicent Martinez, Bartolo Luque, Lucas Lacasa, Enric Valor and Andres Moya
    Scientific Reports 8, 1448 (2018)

  • Scaling and universality in the human voice
    Jordi Luque, Bartolo Luque and Lucas Lacasa
    Journal of the Royal Society Interface 12, 20141344 (2015)

  • On the degree distribution of horizontal visibility graphs associated to Markov processes and dynamical systems: diagrammatic and variational approaches
    Lucas Lacasa
    Nonlinearity 27, 2063-2093 (2014)

  • Correlation dimension of complex networks
    Lucas Lacasa, Jesús Gómez-Gardeñes
    Physical Review Letters 110, 168703 (2013)
    Preprint with supplementary material included

  • Number theoretic example of scale-free topology inducing self-organized criticality
    Bartolo Luque, Octavio Miramontes, Lucas Lacasa
    Physical Review Letters 101, 158702 (2008) pdf

  • From time series to complex networks: the visibility graph
    Lucas Lacasa, Bartolo Luque, Fernando Ballesteros, Jordi Luque, Juan C. Nuño
    PNAS, vol. 105, no. 13 (2008) 4972-4975