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  • Optimización matemática
    Lucas Lacasa
    Ediciones El Pais, EMSE, ISBN 978-84-17811-92-1


  • Estimates of regional infectivity of COVID-19 in the United Kingdom following imposition of social distancing measures
    Robert Challen, Krasimira Tsaneva, Martin Pitt, Tom Edwards, Luke Gompels, Lucas Lacasa, Ellen Brooks-Pollock, Chris Martin, Gareth Griffith, Leon Danon
    medRxiv 2020.04.13.20062760; doi:

  • A flexible load sharing system optimising ICU demand in the context of COVID-19 pandemic
    Lucas Lacasa, Robert Challen, Ellen Brooks-Pollock, Leon Danon
    medRxiv 2020.03.31.20049239; doi:

  • The shape of memory in temporal networks
    Oliver E. Williams, Lucas Lacasa, Ana P. Millan, Vito Latora
    Submitted for publication


  • 73. Shopper intent prediction from clickstream e-commerce data with minimal browsing information
    Borja Requena, Giovanni Cassani, Jacopo Tagliabue, Ciro Greco, Lucas Lacasa
    Scientific Reports (accepted, in press)

  • 72. Arrow of time across five centuries of classical music
    Alfredo Gonzalez-Espinosa, Gustavo Martinez-Mekler, Lucas Lacasa
    Physical Review Research 2, 033166 (2020)
    Featured in Scientific American , Investigacion y Ciencia

  • 71. Visibility graphs for image processing
    Jacopo Iacovacci, Lucas Lacasa
    IEEE Transactions in Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence 42, 4 (2020)

  • 70. Multilayer Models of Random Sequences: Representability and Inference via Nonlinear Population Monte Carlo
    Joaquín Míguez, Lucas Lacasa, José A. Martínez-Ordóñez, Inés P. Mariño
    2019 IEEE 8th International Workshop on Computational Advances in Multi-Sensor Adaptive Processing (CAMSAP)

  • 69. Predicting success in the worldwide start-up network
    Moreno Bonaventura, Valerio Ciotti, Pietro Panzarasa, Silvia Liverani, Lucas Lacasa, Vito Latora
    Scientific Reports 10, 345 ( 2020)
    Featured in AAAS , ,wired , 7th space ,QMUL


  • 68. Linguistic laws in speech: the case of catalan and spanish
    Antoni Hernandez-Fernandez, Ivan G. Torre, Juan Maria Garrido, Lucas Lacasa
    Entropy 21, 12 (2019)

  • 67. Silver-screen or starving? Predicting success in showbiz
    Oliver E. Williams, Lucas Lacasa
    TheScienceBreaker (2019)

  • 66. On the spectral properties of Feigenbaum graphs
    Ryan Flanagan, Lucas Lacasa, Vincenzo Nicosia
    Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical 53, 2 (2019)

  • 65. On the physical origin of linguistic laws and lognormality in speech
    Ivan G. Torre, Bartolo Luque, Lucas Lacasa, Christopher T. Kello, Toni Hernandez-Fernandez
    Royal Society Open Science 6, 8 (2019)

  • 64. Prediction is very hard, especially about conversion. Predicting user purchases from clickstream data in fashion e-commerce
    Luca Bigon, Giovanni Cassani, Ciro Greco, Lucas Lacasa, Mattia Pavoni, Andrea Polonioli, Jacopo Taglabiue
    Accepted at AI For Fashion workshop and KDD (KDD, Anchorage, Alaska, 2019)

  • 63. Quantifying and predicting success in show business
    Oliver E. Williams, Lucas Lacasa, Vito Latora
    Nature Communications 10, 2256 (2019)
    Research highlighted and featured in over 100 different media including:
    Featured in Nature
    Featured in Eurekalert (AAAS)
    Featured in The Guardian
    Featured in El Pais
    Featured in The Times
    Featured in El Periodico
    Featured in
    Featured in Agencia SINC
    Featured in Discover
    Featured in The Telegraph
    Featured in Natureasia
    Featured in Mail Online
    Featured in cosmosmagazine
    Featured in Science Daily
    Featured in El Espectador
    Featured in zmescience
    Featured in El Colombiano
    Featured in La Sexta
    Featured in World News Buz
    Featured in La Jornada
    Featured in Cultura Inquieta
    Featured in QMUL

  • 62. Effect of antipsychotics on community structure in functional brain networks
    Ryan Flanagan, Lucas Lacasa, Emma K. Towlson, Sang Hoon Lee and Mason Porter
    Journal of Complex Networks 7, 6 (2019)

  • 61. Newcomb-Benford law helps customs officers to detect fraud in international trade
    Lucas Lacasa
    PNAS 116, 1 (2019)

  • 60.Election Forensics: quantitative methods for electoral fraud detection
    Lucas Lacasa, Juan Fernandez-Gracia
    Forensic Science International 294 (2019) e19-e22


  • 59. Las multitudes suenas afinadas... incluso si todos sus miembros desentonan
    Lucas Lacasa
    The Conversation (26 August 2018)
    Featured in Diario Publico
    Featured in

  • 58. Multiplex decomposition of non-Markovian dynamics and the hidden layer reconstruction problem
    Lucas Lacasa, Inés Pérez-Mariño, Joaquín Miguez, Vincenzo Nicosia, Edgar Roldan, Ana Lisica, Stephan W. Grill and Jesús Gómez-Gardeñes
    Physical Review X 8, 031038 (2018)

  • 57. The dynamics of norm change in the cultural evolution of language
    Roberta Amato, Lucas Lacasa, Albert Diaz-Guilera, Andrea Baronchelli
    PNAS 115, 33 (2018)
    Featured in City University Press
    Featured in QMUL Press Release
    Featured in Le Scienze (italian version of Scientific American)
    Featured in Madri+D

  • 56. Visibility graphs and symbolic dynamics
    Lucas Lacasa, Wolfram Just
    Physica D 374, 35-44 (2018)

  • 55. On the thermodynamic origin of metabolic scaling
    Fernando Ballesteros, Vicent Martinez, Bartolo Luque, Lucas Lacasa, Enric Valor and Andres Moya
    Scientific Reports 8, 1448 (2018)
    Featured in Investigación y Ciencia (spanish version of Scientific American)
    Featured in Science Daily
    Featured in medicalxpress
    Featured in alphagalileo
    Featured in Institute for Integrative Systems Biology (University of Valencia) (English version)
    Featured in La Vanguardia (24/01/2018)
    Featured in Agencia Sinc (27/1/2018)
    Featured in Cátedra de Divulgación de la Ciencia (University of Valencia)
    Featured in Observatorio UPM (Technical University of Madrid)
    Featured in Comunica Valencia (27/1/2018)
    Featured in Tecnoxplora (lasexta | Atresmedia)
    Featured in El Espectador (4/2/2018)
    Featured in Radio Nacional de España (Broadcast min 19)
    Featured in La ciencia de la Mula Francis
    Featured in laoropendolasostenible
    Featured in
    Featured in CONEC

  • 54. On a dynamical approach to some prime number sequences
    Lucas Lacasa, Bartolo Luque, Ignacio Gomez, Octavio Miramontes
    Entropy 20, 131 (2018)

  • 53. A combinatorial framework for peak/pit asymmetry in complex dynamics
    Uri Hasson, Jacopo Iacovacci, Ben Davis, Ryan Flanagan, Enzo Tagliazucchi, Helmut Laufs, Lucas Lacasa
    Scientific Reports 8, 3557 (2018)

  • 52. Bipartisanship Breakdown, Functional Networks, and Forensic Analysis in Spanish 2015 and 2016 National Elections
    Juan Fernandez-Gracia, Lucas Lacasa
    Complexity 2018, 9684749 (2018)
    Featured in La Ciencia de la Mula Francis, Naukas (13th July 2016)
    Featured in Diario de Burgos (21th July 2016)


  • 51. Visibility graphs of random scalar fields and spatial data
    Lucas Lacasa, Jacopo Iacovacci
    Physical Review E 96, 012318 (2017)

  • 50. Visibility graphs for fMRI data: multiplex temporal graphs and their modulations across resting state networks
    Speranza Sannino, Sebastiano Stramaglia, Lucas Lacasa, Daniele Marinazzo
    Network Neuroscience 1, 3 (2017)

  • 49. Emergence of linguistic laws in human voice
    Ivan Gonzalez Torre, Bartolo Luque, Lucas Lacasa, Jordi Luque and Antoni Hernandez-Fernandez
    Nature Scientific Reports 7, 43862 (2017)
    Featured in Research News Portal, Technical University of Madrid

  • 48. Canonical horizontal visibility graphs are uniquely determined by their degree sequence
    Bartolo Luque, Lucas Lacasa
    European Physical Journal Special Topics 226, 383 (2017)


  • 47. Horizontal Visibility Graphs from Integer Sequences
    Lucas Lacasa
    Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical 49, 35LT01 (2016)

  • 46. Entropy and Renormalization in Chaotic Visibility Graphs
    Bartolo Luque, Fernando J. Ballesteros, Alberto Robledo and Lucas Lacasa
    in Mathematical Foundations and Applications of Graph Entropy (Wiley-VCH Verlag 2016) ISBN 978-3-527-33909-9

  • 45. Sequential motif profile of natural visibility graphs
    Jacopo Iacovacci, Lucas Lacasa
    Physical Review E 94, 052309 (2016)

  • 44. Emergence of collective intonation in the musical performance of crowds
    Lucas Lacasa
    EPL 115, 68004 (2016)
    Featured in The Conversation
    Featured in Diario Publico
    Featured in

  • 43. Sequential visibility-graph motifs
    Jacopo Iacovacci, Lucas Lacasa
    Physical Review E 93, 042309 (2016)

  • 42. Irreversibility of financial time series: a graph-theoretical approach
    Ryan Flanagan, Lucas Lacasa
    Physics Letters A 380, 1689-1697 (2016)


  • 41. Network Structure of Multivariate Time Series
    Lucas Lacasa, Vincenzo Nicosia and Vito Latora
    Scientific Reports 5, 15508 (2015)
    Featured in Revista de la RSEF 30, 1 (2016)

  • 40. Time reversibility from visibility graphs of non-stationary processes
    Lucas Lacasa and Ryan Flanagan
    Physical Review E 92, 022817 (2015)

  • 39. Scaling and universality in the human voice
    Jordi Luque, Bartolo Luque and Lucas Lacasa
    Journal of the Royal Society Interface 12, 20141344 (2015)


  • 38. Analytical estimation of the correlation dimension of integer lattices
    Lucas Lacasa, Jesús Gómez-Gardeñes
    Chaos 24, 043101 (2014)

  • 37. On the degree distribution of horizontal visibility graphs associated to Markov processes and dynamical systems: diagrammatic and variational approaches
    Lucas Lacasa
    Nonlinearity 27, 2063-2093 (2014)

  • 36. Horizontal Visibility graphs generated by type-II intermittency
    Angel Nuñez, Jose Patricio Gómez, Lucas Lacasa
    Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical 47, 035102 (2014)


  • 35. Phase transitions in Number Theory: from the Birthday Problem to Sidon Sets
    Bartolo Luque, Iván G. Torre, Lucas Lacasa
    Physical Review E 88, 052119 (2013)

  • 34. Correlation dimension of complex networks
    Lucas Lacasa, Jesús Gómez-Gardeñes
    Physical Review Letters 110, 168703 (2013)
    Preprint with supplementary material included

  • 33. Horizontal Visibility graphs generated by type-I intermittency
    Angel Nuñez, Bartolo Luque, Lucas Lacasa, Jose Patricio Gómez, Alberto Robledo
    Physical Review E 87, 052801 (2013)

  • 32. Redes, interacciones, emergencia
    Lucas Lacasa
    in Perspectivas de la Física para el Siglo XXI (edited by O. Miramontes and K. Volke in Copit Arxives), ISBN 978-0-9831172-9-2 (2013)


  • 31. Feigenbaum graphs at the onset of chaos
    Bartolo Luque, Lucas Lacasa, Alberto Robledo
    Physics Letters A 376 (2012)

  • 30. Phase transition in the Countdown problem
    Lucas Lacasa, Bartolo Luque
    Physical Review E 86, 010105(R) (2012)
    Featured in Investigacion y Ciencia (spanish version of Scientific American)

  • 29. Time series irreversibility: a visibility graph approach
    Lucas Lacasa, Angel Nuñez, Edgar Roldán, Juan MR Parrondo, Bartolo Luque
    European Physical Journal B 85, 217 (2012)

  • 28. Approximate entropy of network parameters
    James West, Lucas Lacasa, Simone Severini, Andrew Teschendorff
    Physical Review E 85, 046111 (2012)

  • 27. Analytical properties of horizontal visibility graphs in the Feigenbaum scenario
    Bartolo Luque, Lucas Lacasa, Fernando J. Ballesteros, Alberto Robledo
    Chaos 22, 013109 (2012)

  • 26. Visibility algorithms: a short review
    Angel Nuñez, Lucas Lacasa, Bartolo Luque
    in Graph Theory (edited by Intech), ISBN 979-953-307-303-2 (2012)

  • 25. Comment on the existence of a long range correlation in the Geomagnetic Disturbance storm time (Dst) index
    Lucas Lacasa
    Astrophysics and Space Science 337, 1 (2012) pdf

  • 24. Detecting periodicity with horizontal visibility graphs
    Angel Nuñez, Lucas Lacasa, Bartolo Luque
    International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos 22, 7 (2012)


  • 23. Fast resolution of a single factor Heath-Jarrow-Morton model with stochastic volatility
    Eusebio Valero, Manuel Torrealba, Lucas Lacasa, Francois Fraysse
    Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics 236, 6, Pages 1637-1655 (2011)

  • 22. Feigenbaum graphs: a complex network perspective of chaos
    Bartolo Luque, Lucas Lacasa, Fernando J. Ballesteros, Alberto Robledo
    PLoS ONE 6(9) (2011)


  • 21. Critical behavior of a Ginzburg-Landau model with additive quenched noise
    Niko Komin, Lucas Lacasa, Raúl Toral
    Journal of Statistical Mechanics (2010) P12008 Arxiv

  • 20. Description of stochastic and chaotic series using visibility graphs
    Lucas Lacasa, Raúl Toral
    Physical Review E 82, 036120 (2010)

  • 19. Mapping time series to networks: a brief overview of visibility algorithms
    Lucas Lacasa, Bartolo Luque
    in Computer Science Research and Technology vol 3 (edited by Nova Publisher), ISBN: 978-1-61122-074-2 (2010)

  • 18. The roundtable: an abstract model of conversation dynamics
    Massimo Mastrangeli, Martin Schmidt and Lucas Lacasa
    Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation 13, 4 (2010) Arxiv

  • 17. Complex systems, numbers, and number theory
    Lucas Lacasa, Bartolo Luque, Octavio Miramontes
    in Reviews on Nonlinear Dynamics (edited by H. Schuster in Wiley-VCH) ISBN 3527409459, 9783527409457 (2010)


  • 16. Horizontal visibility graphs: exact results for random time series
    Bartolo Luque, Lucas Lacasa, Jordi Luque, Fernando J. Ballesteros
    Physical Review E 80, 046103 (2009) pdf

  • 15. The Visibility Graph: a new method for estimating the Hurst exponent of fractional Brownian motion
    Lucas Lacasa, Bartolo Luque, Jordi Luque and Juan Carlos Nuño
    EPL 86 (2009) 30001
    Awarded Best 2009 papers in EPL

  • 14. Jamming transition in air transportation networks
    Lucas Lacasa, Miguel Cea, Massimiliano Zanin
    Physica A 388 (2009) 3948-3954 Arxiv

  • 13. Dynamics in Scheduled Networks
    Massimiliano Zanin, Lucas Lacasa and Miguel Cea
    Chaos 19, 023111 (2009) pdf

  • 12. Crossover phenomenon in the performance of an Internet search engine
    Lucas Lacasa, Jacopo Tagliabue and Andrew Berdahl
    Working paper SFI CSSS09

  • 11. 1,2,3: Building the phylogenetic tree of language with numbers
    Andrew Berdahl and Lucas Lacasa
    Working paper SFI CSSS09

  • 10. The first digit frequencies of primes and Riemann zeta zeros
    Bartolo Luque and Lucas Lacasa
    Proceedings of the Royal Society A 465 (2009) 2197-2216
    Featured in
    Featured in Mathematical Association of America (21st May, 2009)
    Featured in Politicalcalculations (19th May, 2009)
    Featured in Terra Incognita (9th May, 2009)
    Awarded Top 10 Proc. Royal Society articles in 2009


  • 9. Number theoretic example of scale-free topology inducing self-organized criticality
    Bartolo Luque, Octavio Miramontes, Lucas Lacasa
    Physical Review Letters 101, 158702 (2008) pdf
    Featured in Investigacion y Ciencia (spanish version of Scientific American)

  • 8. From time series to complex networks: the visibility graph
    Lucas Lacasa, Bartolo Luque, Fernando Ballesteros, Jordi Luque, Juan C. Nuño
    PNAS, vol. 105, no. 13 (2008) 4972-4975 pdf
    Featured in Benoit Rittaud, La Recherche 421 (2008)

  • 7. Phase transition and computational complexity in a stochastic prime number generator
    Lucas Lacasa, Bartolo Luque, Octavio Miramontes
    New Journal of Physics 10 (2008) 023009 pdf


  • 6. Phase transition in a stochastic prime number generator
    Bartolo Luque, Lucas Lacasa, Octavio Miramontes
    Physical Review E 76, 010103 (R) (2007) pdf

  • 5. Split gap effects on rear fuselage flow
    Eusebio Valero, Javier de Vicente, Lucas Lacasa
    Proc. 16th Iasted Int. Conf. Applied Simulation and Modelling PP: 446-450 (2007)

  • 4. Self-overlap as a method of stability analysis in Ising models
    Antonio Ferrera, Bartolo Luque, Lucas Lacasa, Eusebio Valero
    Physical Review E 75, 6 (2007) 061103 pdf

  • 3. A probabilistic model of reserve design
    Jordi Bascompte, Bartolo Luque, Jose Olarrea, Lucas Lacasa
    Journal of Theoretical Biology 247, pp. 205-211 (2007) pdf


  • 2. Bonabeau hierarchy models revisited
    Lucas Lacasa, Bartolo Luque
    Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications 366, pp. 472-484 (2006) pdf

  • 1. Teoria de campo medio en el modelo de Bonabeau
    Lucas Lacasa, Bartolo Luque
    in CEDI I proceedings: symposium on complex systems

    PhD dissertation

    Complexity in physical, living and mathematical systems (Lucas Lacasa, PhD dissertation, 2009).

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