Doing your Ph.D. with me at QMUL

  1. First of all, you have to get accepted as a PhD student at QMUL. Please find all necessary information (application forms, etc.) under this linkIf you need funding, please note that according to a certain procedure, there are some PhD studentships available from our School. Please check out the above link for details. If you are planning to apply, please contact me beforehand. You need to explain in your application that you want to work with me on a Ph.D. project, by roughly describing your own research interests, and that we have already been in touch on a project. A more detailed research proposal is not needed. Note, however, that such studentships are rare and the competition is tough, hence you must be an outstanding candidate submitting an outstanding application!
    If you come with your own money, decisions about mere acceptance to our school are made continuously throughout the year.
  2. Another way to get funding would be to apply for some Ph.D. scholarship at some organisation:
    1. for non-EU students see particularly the British Council.
    2. see also Marie Curie Fellowships; for more compact information about this see the UK Research Office
    3. German students may especially check out the DAAD
    Of course, this list is not exhaustive. Unfortunately, for British students the possibilities to apply for individual Ph.D. scholarships seem to be almost non-existent. These scholarships are nowadays essentially distributed directly by the single Colleges.
    If the conditions under point 1 of the previous webpage are fulfilled, I could offer to support your application for funding by some Letter of Invitation. If you are getting accepted as a PhD student at QMUL, note that there are opportunities to earn some money by doing undergraduate teaching, but that will not be enough to pay your tuition fees or your full living expenses.
  3. If you already succeeded to get some money for your Ph.D. from other sources, please apply at QMUL as indicated above. If you are getting accepted, we might start right away on some research project. However, before collaborating we should ideally get to know each other. Hence, I would highly recommend that you try to present yourself to me / at our institute at due occasion, perhaps by giving a talk about some previous (masters level) work of yours.