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Calculus I

Course Material Autumn 2009

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1. Course organisers

2. College webpages

3. Timetable

time room (helpers)
Tue 9h - 10h
Mason Lecture Theatre
Fri 13h - 14h Mason Lecture Theatre
Fri 16h -17h Mason Lecture Theatre
Exercise classes
Wed 10-11 Physics LG1 (Verner, Findlay); Queens FB1 (Whitty, Elliston); Maths 203 (Lenz, Kazanidis); Queens EB2 (Islam, Apazoglou); Bancroft Road 4.2 (Christopherson, Farooq)
Wed 11-12 Bancroft Road 3.1 (Apazoglou, Islam); Geography 220 (Illman, Elliston); Maths 203 (Lenz, Kazanidis); Bancroft Road 4.2 (Thrastarson, Christopherson, Farooq)

Each student is allocated to a specific exercise class. All students have been informed about this allocation by the School via e-mail during week 1 (please check your College e-mail account for this e-mail). The allocation list is available under this link (click on `group list'; but note that you can only access this link if you use a computer on the Queen Mary network!) and on the noticeboard in the Maths Office (on the first floor of the Maths Building). This link tells you when your group has exercise classes. It is compulsory that you attend all sessions of the exercise class you have been allocated to. Attendance lists will be taken.

4. Online coursework 5. Written coursework and exercise classes
number  hand out in

hand in
 model solution

exercise sheet 1
14/10solution 1
exercise sheet 2 13/10 21/10solution 2
exercise sheet 3 20/10 28/10solution 3
exercise sheet 4 27/10 4/11solution 4
exercise sheet 5 03/11 18/11solution 5
exercise sheet 6 17/11 25/11solution 6
exercise sheet 724/112/12solution 7
exercise sheet 801/129/12solution 8
exercise sheet 908/1216/12solution 9
exercise sheet 10
and accompanying tables
15/12 in-class solutionsolution 10

Please note: Model solutions are available online the latest one or two days after the deadline for handing in the respective homework, cf. the links above. If you do not have immediate access to these solutions, it might be due to poor network connection.
6. Course information 7. Literature
8. Lecture notes 9. Test 10. Exam
11. Further information

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