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Calculus I

Course Material Autumn 2008

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  • If you have trouble with Calculus I material (i.e. for all mathematical issues): Please contact the lecturer Rainer Klages
This is the old course webpage from Autumn 2008!

1. Course organisers

2. College webpages

3. Timetable

time room (helpers)
Tue 9-10
Mason Lecture Theatre
Fri 1-2 Mason Lecture Theatre
Fri 4-5 Mason Lecture Theatre
Exercise classes
Wednesday 10-11 Physics LG1 (Shaw, Chapman); Queens FB1 (Mitra, Finlay); Maths 103 (Murray, Kazanidis); CS 338 (Mecheri, Umerhan); CS 446 (Verner, Islam)
Wednesday 11-12 Queens EB1 (Mitra, Chapman); Queens EB2 (Shaw, Umerhan); CS 446 (Mecheri, Islam); Murray, Kazanidis (Maths 103)

4. Coursework: general guidelines 5. Exercise classes
number  hand out
 model solution
exercise sheet 1
solution 1
exercise sheet 2 07/10 solution 2
exercise sheet 3 14/10 solution 3
exercise sheet 4 21/10 solution 4
exercise sheet 5 28/10 solution 5
exercise sheet 6 11/11 solution 6
exercise sheet 718/11solution 7
exercise sheet 825/11solution 8
exercise sheet 9 02/12 solution 9
exercise sheet 10
and accompanying tables
09/12 solution 10
6. Course information 7. Literature
8. Lecture notes Following student demand, starting from week 9 lectures will not be given by using slides anymore. Instead, I will do the calculations the `traditional' way by writing on the board. Figures, definitions, theorems, etc., will still mostly be shown by using the projector.
9. Tests 10. Exam
11. Further information

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