Nonlinear intermittent maps provide an ideal playground in order to understand the origin of anomalous diffusion in deterministic systems. In my talk I will introduce a simple example of such a map lifted subdiffusively onto the real line. By drawing crosslinks to the following two talks, I will show how anomalous diffusion in this map can be understood both in terms of stochastic processes and by means of dynamical systems theory. Particularly, I will focus on the parameter dependence of the map's anomalous (generalized) diffusion coefficient. Concepts like stochastic continuous time random walk theory, a fractional diffusion equation and a generalized Taylor-Green-Kubo formula will be introduced in order to understand the surprisingly complicated parameter dependence of this quantity as extracted from computer simulations.

This talk draws on joint work with N.Korabel, A.V.Chechkin, I.M.Sokolov and V.Yu.Gonchar, see Phys. Rev. E 75, 036213 (2007)