Statistical Physics and Anomalous Dynamics of Foraging
One-Day Workshop
to be held on Thursday, 27th July 2017 at
the School of Mathematical Sciences, Queen Mary University of London

Organizer: Rainer Klages
School of Mathematical Sciences, Queen Mary University of London

r.klages @

Brief description of the main theme of this meeting:
This is a workshop initiated by the Advanced Study Group (ASG) on Statistical Physics and Anomalous Dynamics of Foraging. The ASG took place at the Max Planck Institute for the Physics oc Complex Systems in Dresden, Germany, from July to December 2015. The scientific topic of the ASG was to discuss the stochastic modeling of the foraging dynamics of biological organisms, as is briefly outlined here. The aim of this workshop, which is the third one organised within the framework of this ASG, is to bring together scientists working in this field, and on related problems, for scientific discussion. We have 6 invited speakers: 2 ASG members and 4 `external' guests.

Organizational details:
All talks will be held in seminar room W316 at the School of Mathematical Sciences. Directions of how to get there can be found here; a campus map is available here. The School of Mathematical Sciences is in the Queens' Building, number 19 on the campus map, in the west wing on level 3 and 4. The seminar room is on level 3. The welcome and the tea breaks will also be in the seminar room.
ALL ARE WELCOME! Registration is free. However, please confirm your attendance by e-mail to the organizer for catering purposes.

All talks are for 45 or 30 minutes including up to 5 minutes for discussion.
Welcome: Tea and coffee in room W316, 3rd floor Queens' Building
Giorgio Volpe (UCL)
Optimal Search Strategies for Active Particles in Complex Environments
Tea and Coffee
Andy Reynolds (Rothamsted Research)
Levy walks emerging from collective behaviours: A New Frontier
Vladimir V. Palyulin (University of Cambridge)
Optimisation of pure and combined search strategies in case of sparsely distributed targets
12.30-14.00 Lunch
14.00-14.45 Luca Giuggioli (University of Bristol)
Phase transitions in stigmergic territorial systems
14.45-15.15 Andrea Cairoli (Imperial College)
Microscopic Derivation of Coloured Levy Flights in Active Swimmers' Suspensions
15.15-15.45 Tea and coffee
15.45-16.30 Nicholas W. Watkins (LSE, U. of Warwick and Open University)
Long range dependence, fractional renewal models, and Bayesian inference
Drinks and discussions in the SCR bar

The organizer wishes to thank the School of Mathematical Sciences, especially the head of the Dynamical Systems and Statistical Physics Group Prof.Christian Beck, for financial support of this meeting.

Last update: 26 July 2017