Main Theme:
This workshop will bring together the three highly active, different field of anomalous dynamics, chaos in complex systems, and search in biology: Anomalous dynamics refers to processes that are more complicated than standard Brownian motion. The latter term denotes a simple concept from stochastic theory that is used to describe a big variety of real world processes, most notably the irregular movement of a tracer particle in a fluid. Anomalos dynamics exhibits highly interesting, novel transport properties like non-Gaussian probability distributions as featured by Levy flights and Levy walks, non-ergodicity, power law decay of correlations, sub- and superdiffusion. The stochastic theory of anomalous dynamics is highly developed by now, providing a huge toolbox of methods that asks for real world applications. Anomalous transport phenomena, in turn, were found to be ubiquituous in complex systems. Paradigmatic examples are search in biology including the human world, such as foraging of animals and optimizing target search in operations research. However, anomalous transport also occurs in systems on nanoscales modeling novel material like artificial graphene. In the latter type of systems anomalous dynamics is intimately linked to the phenomenon of weak chaos. But understanding the emergence of anomalous dynamics from nonlinearities and deterministic chaos is yet in its infancy. The theory of chaos in nonlinear dynamical systems has in turn important applications to understand spatio-temporal complexity as well as correlations and patterns in signals and experimental data by applying nonlinear time series analysis. Anomalous transport phenomena such as sub- and superdiffusion, non-Gaussian probability distributions, aging and dynamical localization form a rapidly growing research area within nonequilibrium statistical physics. Understanding these processes demands for establishing new cross-links between non-Markovian microscopic correlations and unusual statistical properties on macroscopic scales. This requires to combine methods from dynamical systems theory, stochastic processes and disordered systems.

anomalous stochastic processes, anomalous diffusion, non-ergodicity, target search, first passage, ageing, search strategies, nonequilibrium fluctuations, swarintelligence and swarm robotics; chaotic phenomena, nonlinear transport in nanosystems, quantum chaos and diffusion, nonlinear time series analysis, spatio-temporal correlations; movement ecology, foraging, gene regulation, molecular diffusion in cells, preditor-prey, operations research

butterfly billard diffusion bumblebee search