London Algebra Colloquium

Imperial College London   Queen Mary, University of London

Colloquia at Imperial College London, January–June 2012

For this period the London Algebra Colloquium was held in Imperial College London. The time was Thursdays at 4:45pm as usual, in lecture room 130. We met for tea at 4:15pm in the common room (Huxley 548).

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The programme for this term (these terms) was as follows:

12th January                        John Britnell (Bristol)
The probability that two elements of a finite group are conjugate
19th January Benjamin Klopsch (Royal Holloway)
Representation growth of arithmetic groups and invariance under base change
26th January Maud de Visscher (City)
Simple modules for the Brauer algebra
2nd February Tim Burness (Southampton)
Extremely primitive groups
9th February David Stewart (Oxford)
Bounding and unbounding Ext for algebraic groups
16th February Jarek Kedra (Aberdeen)
Distortion in Groups
23rd February Agata Smoktunowicz (Edinburgh)
A curious encounter of groups and noncommutative rings
1st March Dawid Kielak (Oxford)
Linear and free representations of Out(Fn)
8th March Jonathan Kiehlmann (Imperial)
Strange isomorphisms and abelian profinite groups
15th March John MacQuarrie (Bristol)
Modular Representations of Profinite Groups
22nd March Peter Kropholler (Glasgow) CANCELLED
Groups with presentations where the generators weigh more than the relators
Easter break
17th May Aner Shalev (Jerusalem)
More words on words
24th May Ian Leary (Southampton)
Platonic polygonal complexes
31st May Arturo Pianzola (University of Alberta)
Reductive group schemes, Torsors, and Extended Affine Lie Algebras

John N. Bray
13th September 2012